How much TV? *QUIZ*

How Much TV Does the Average American Toddler/Preschooler Watch Per Week?

A) 12 hours

B) 22 hours

C) 32 hours

D) 40 hours


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Letter, Number, and Shape Relay: A Lesson for Toddlers

Relay Lesson for Letters, Numbers, and Shapes     About two weeks ago, I decided my little girl (almost 2.5 years old) was probably ready for some targeted learning activities. She is really great with her letters (capital only), she is ok with her number up to 10 with 3 and 4 being omitted occasionally, and she doesn’t know her shapes. Sometimes we color and draw on the back sliding door with window markers and we go through these three items. However, I came up with another activity that surprisingly gave a benefit beyond that of my expectations.

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