This Creative Resource Came Across My Browser


This is a website that teaches you the ins and outs of chess. From learning how the pieces move to advanced strategies.


With videos, games, and tactical exercises; you are equipped to learn and study chess at a high level.

I think this creates a lot of opportunities for the student to use their creative talents. Once strategies and deep understanding of the game are developed, the student should be able to use their creative mind to play chess. I think this is a great resource.

Here is a sample video

I wanted to make sure you were aware of it for the coming school year.

Chess has now become fun and cool.

Chess club anyone?




A Classic Game to Build Creativity

Creativity isn’t an intangible monster that we hope comes with some sort of random inspiration. It is the amalgamation of all skills and knowledge that you have previously absorbed before the problem you are trying to creatively tackle. You will rarely find a case where a skill suddenly presents itself with which you’ve had zero experience. So what skills help in creativity? For the sake of this post, I will suggest one possible skill that has helped countless people and you can start building this talent in your kids at an early age (possibly 2 or 3).

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