Social Media Trend That Can Be Used in Education

There is a  trend in social media that is gaining ground. This trend lends itself to disseminating a ton of information in a short amount of time. (hence its popularity on social media platforms) The good news is that you can use this same idea in your education/homeschool with very little work because I am going to provide some templates for you that were provided to me through another company. There is no fear of copyright infringement as these were given away to anyone as a marketing device. So without further ado, here they are:

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Secret Traveler: Visa and Destination #1

Last week you earned your passport. You found out the location of your departure. The location of your departure is a capital of a certain state in the US. This capital will help you in getting your first visa to travel to another area of the world. If you haven’t earned your passport, please click here.

Now in order to solve the next puzzle, write out the name of the capital city of the state in which you are located. Got it? I will now give you your next key. To solve the puzzle, you will need to know the values of the letters of the name of the capital city. Here they are: Continue reading

Where are you going this summer? I have a suggestion

prarieI was conflicted this week to post what I had scheduled because of the tornado aftermath experience in the Midwest this week. You see, I was born and raised in tornado alley in Nebraska. 17 years ago, my home town had a similar maelstrom experience when 3 tornadoes came through and caused considerable damage in one night. I don’t think anyone was killed but I do think there were injuries and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage to homes and businesses. I hope and pray the communities and families in Oklahoma can recover from this event.

However, since my post and idea for a stop in your summer vacation plans is about the Midwest, I didn’t want to discourage you from visiting. But conflicted or not, I have to write this because we are approaching a special festival week in June in which you can enjoy a little known national monument in the Mid-west.

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