Social Media Trend That Can Be Used in Education

There is a  trend in social media that is gaining ground. This trend lends itself to disseminating a ton of information in a short amount of time. (hence its popularity on social media platforms) The good news is that you can use this same idea in your education/homeschool with very little work because I am going to provide some templates for you that were provided to me through another company. There is no fear of copyright infringement as these were given away to anyone as a marketing device. So without further ado, here they are:

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Review of A Child’s Geography

This is my video review of A Child’s Geography resource for homeschooling. It is mostly appropriate for upper elementary grades.

It received 3 out of 5 brains and is a good resource for learning the northern Mediterranean area of Europe.

Here it is:

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Secret Traveler Destination #2

For Your Eyes Only:

Dear Agent~

Hopefully you’ve had a few days rest because we are going to ask a lot from you. Your current car won’t cut it where we are sending you. Ditch it and get yourself an off-road vehicle or you can keep your car and take 37 most of the way to your destination. Either way, you are eventually going to go on rough roads.

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Secret Traveler #2 Dosier and Travel Visa


We had to send your next destination  more encrypted than the last because we believe you are being followed. So please watch your back. You are about to leave a beautiful area and get on a cruise ship headed for Hawaii. There you will head one of two directions (E or W) to a port. When you get to the port, you can rent a car from here: Continue reading

Secret Traveler Mission #1

You have arrived at your first destination and entering customs went well. Here is your assignment

You need to immediately rent a car and drive north on the A1. You also need to rent a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus suit. Once you have done these things. You will stop somewhere along the coast, put on your suit, dive, and explore one of the greatest underwater areas of the world. What is it? Continue reading

Secret Traveler: Visa and Destination #1

Last week you earned your passport. You found out the location of your departure. The location of your departure is a capital of a certain state in the US. This capital will help you in getting your first visa to travel to another area of the world. If you haven’t earned your passport, please click here.

Now in order to solve the next puzzle, write out the name of the capital city of the state in which you are located. Got it? I will now give you your next key. To solve the puzzle, you will need to know the values of the letters of the name of the capital city. Here they are: Continue reading

Secret Traveler: Earn Your Passport

Now to earn your passport…

 You are earning your passport for a world wide adventure. If you don’t know about it, check out our plans here.
This passport will contain your starting destination within the U.S.  This point of departure is important so write it down. It’s letters will be used to help break a code for your next visa so you can continue to travel the world. This is a 7 week trip. So enjoy!
Remember, write all of your destinations down. Then at the end you will submit the answers to be entered in a drawing. Here is your clue for your starting destination and passport:
 The capital of this answer will help you get your next Visa and out of the country.  Write down both the state and the capital.
This is all we know about this clue: E = 5 and O = 15
Good luck secret traveler!
Leave a  “Got it!”  on this post that you figured it out! Just don’t give the answer 🙂

Attention All Code Breakers! We are Going International with Secret Traveler

Hello Code-Breakers!

The Monday brain teasers are going international this summer. In order to travel, you need your passport. After you get your passport, you will be traveling the world with clues written in code.

Each time you travel, you will need a new visa. In order to earn your visa you will have to break another code.

Secret Traveler – Where in the World are You?


So here is how it works:

You get your new visas on Monday and then travel to a new area of the world every Thursday. Once you figure out, where you are going, write it down. If you have it correct, then it will be easy for you to figure out the next clues for your visas to travel again.

Keep a list of where you are going. When we are done traveling the world, you will submit your destinations and be entered in a drawing for something fun! I don’t want to give it away yet.

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Tomorrow, you earn your passport!