12 Days of Christmas Piano Songs

Christmas Songs on Piano

Hi Readers,

I wanted to let you in on something I am doing this year. I am making piano tutorials (for players of all levels) of Christmas Songs. So I wanted to let you in on this in case you’ve ever wanted to play the piano or maybe you have a student who would like to give it a shot.

Here are a few already:

Silent Night

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

There will be more on the way with a total of 12 released before Christmas. I hope you enjoy them!


If you want to subscribe to the youtube channel to get all 12 here is the link:



Or you can view the playlist here at this post and it will be updated every time a new video is uploaded:


Merry Christmas!


Student Showcase

I wanted to take this week’s post to highlight a student of mine. Her name is Katelynne and she is one of my online piano students. Last week they were to learn about the Grand Staff (basically the staff of piano music; treble and bass clef put together). Being a creative educator, I decided against a lecture and had them research the grand staff themselves. They then were to present the information in any way they felt comfortable and I gave a few suggestions like Powerpoint, a video lecture, narrative while drawing the grand staff, etc.

There is a reason I wanted to highlight Katelynne’s video. It shows an extra dash of creativity and flare that displayed her personality. You could tell she had fun putting it together and I have no doubt she will always remember facts and figures of the grand staff. So without further ado, here is a presentation by Katelynne at NOTEable TV:

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