Creative Genius Tuesday? — Connect the Dots Part 2

This late creative genius post is brought to you by the flu. My daughter is currently in the trenches and it started yesterday. Our family has been sick since Dec 26th. It has been a veritable blitzkrieg of  disease on our house. But now to the main issue:

Connecting the Dots

In the last creative genius post, you were supposed to connect a matrix of dots with just 4 straight lines without lifting your pencil. Now, there are many different ways to accomplish this but here is the most famous one:

4 lines answer

 To think outside of the box on this one, you have to realize…there is no spoon…I mean box. A lot of people will automatically assume they cannot go outside of the boarders that are artificially created by the rows and columns of the dots. So this brings us to our new one:

Creative Genius Prompt – Connect the Dots Part 2

Connect 3 Dots

So now, you have only 3 lines to with which to work. There are several ways to accomplish this but I am going to give you a bit of a clue on how to solve this one my favorite way:

Consider your TAN line.

That’s your clue.  Leave your answers in the comments below! Talk about this and brainstorm with your family. Try to figure it out. I bet you can do it.

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