Creative Genius Monday – Develop Your Character

I almost didn’t get this posted! I have  some cool ideas I wanted to implement at the beginning of the new year but disease has hit our household. I have been out since Christmas! Hope all is well with all of you. In this post, we have another creative prompt. I also review the last prompt about paperclips.  So here goes:

Use Your Creative Genius and Pick Your Character

Develop a character profile/narrative (Back story, environment, abilities, etc) based on one of these character names:

  • Jugglesthorn
  • Grimmfoot
  • Walbox

character narrative

Be inspired by these names, close your eyes, picture your character and begin to write. This is truly a creative writing prompt. This is a great exercise for students and adults alike to get the creative juices flowing around in the brain.


If you can also draw a picture of your character, even better! Your narrative may inform you how your character will look. So do both.


Share your characters here and share the writing prompt above with other people! See what your friends and family can come up with.


Last Creative Prompt:

Our last creative prompt was about paperclips. If you click on the link, you can see some of the ideas readers had for uses of paperclips. Now to gauge how successful you were with the exercise here is a rubric of sorts:

5 or less = no creativity

5-10 = mild creativity

10-15 = moderate creativity

15-20 = creative

20+ = superstar!

Hopefully, most of you weren’t bound by size and material of the paperclip and I hope you got close to 20 or more. If you didn’t, it’s no big deal. We are practicing creativity. You will get better if you practice.

Here are some ideas for paperclips:

  • Hold Paper
  • Use as a projectile with rubber band
  • Pick a lock
  • If enlarged, could be a cool swing set multilevel structure
  • Necklace/Bracelet with multiples
  • Huge wooden version could make a neat convenient fence
  • Hollow it out and make a mini trombone
  • Twist it into a modern sculpture, sell for millions
  • Use as a hook (fish-hook was mentioned)
  • Huge and made of rubber = Awesome playground structure
  • TV antennae for a doll house
  • Tool for scraping/picking
  • Inspired for crazy straw design
  • Chandelier dangling material
  • Bigger and slightly unfold to brace new trees
  • Enlarge and use as mold for jell-o
  • Bubble Blowing Tool
  • Springy Catapult
  • Keep Your ear bud strings together
  • Enlarged and made with bendable but heavier steel = exercise equipment for upper body (or a homemade thighmaster)

I look forward to hearing about your characters. Just leave them in the comments below!


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