Creative Genius

Our Creative Genius

I think all of us at some point have believed or felt that creative genius was limited to a special few. However, the more I research and discover, the less convinced I am of some special birth right, genetic disposition, or special touch on the creative geniuses in the world.

I am more inclined to believe that they withstood current education trends that pummel creativity out of our brains, heart, and culture.

One often hears that if they are going into a creative field, they will never make a living or, even worse: “you can’t be creative in math and science, they are not creative arts.”

So what sets you and I apart from achieving true creative genius?…..


There I said it. We are out of practice or we have never practiced. We are no longer in touch with our ridiculous preoperational and concrete operational childish selves. (not to mean: immature)

So Let’s Practice Creatvity

Instead of goals or resolutions, which allude me and are gone by the 2nd week in January, I am working on organizational systems to eventually create habits within myself. One of these habits is to unleash my creative mind.

You can help keep me accountable if you like.

I will be posting creative activities/prompts every week. This community of creatively minded people can encourage these posts by participating in them. I would like to hear your solutions to these creative problems.

These prompts can be used in your home-school for your kids and also for yourself. They can be done around the dinner table and spark discussion among family and friends.

So here we go for our first prompt of the year:

Creative Genius Practice Prompt:

Name at Least 20 Different Uses For a Paper Clip

Uses for a Paper Clip, Name 20

Can You Think of 20 Uses?

Leave a Comment:

In the Comments below, leave your 20+ ideas or share your most outrageous ones!

To get the ball rolling….

Hollow out the paperclip, unfold it, and create the tiniest non-working trombone for a musically inclined mouse.

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twitter  Jarrod homeschools his kids in the Treasure Valley of Idaho. He holds two degrees in education, reads a lot, and experiments on his own children with creative education so you don’t have to mess up your own. Then he reports his thoughts and findings here on the creative dad blog.

6 thoughts on “Creative Genius

  1. We have come up with 7 so far. Necklace, clipping stacks of paper, book mark,weights for paper airplane, ( if you use right type of paperclip the bigger and hard ones you can make lock picks, a weapons, and fish hook. This from a 15 year old thinking on these things.

    • nice! My favorites are the paper airplane and fish hooks. I’ve also thought about lock picks. I doubt i would be skilled enough to actually get them to work :). Keep going. Here is one of mine: If gigantic, could make a cool structure for multilevel swing set.

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