Learn While You Sleep…

Hello self-learners,

If you are or know of a frustrated learner, want to maximize your ability to learn or you like information about the brain, this post is for you:

I want to share this short interview with Josh Kaufman, author of The First 20 Hours. (nope haven’t read it, just heard the interview)  At first, I thought this interview offered nothing new to my thinking and habits as a learner or teacher. However, I came to a realization that most of what he was sharing was second nature to me because of my background as a teacher and musician. (when you listen to it, musicians do something similar to the 5 step process when learning a new piece of music).

Later in the interview, Josh presents some intriguing research on the way the brain computes and stores information and he gives strategies to maximize the effectiveness of your learning. This stuff I did not know. It is worth a listen if you want some new ideas on how to study, when to study, and what kind of goals to set for yourself.

For myself, I am going to give some of his techniques a shot with things that I am hopeless at (like most things mechanical or perhaps a sport) and see if something comes to fruition. For others, I thought it might help the student who is struggling with geometry postulates, Shakespeare, or initial friction among other things. I hope this video might lend some techniques to help you through tough subjects and situations:


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