Social Media Trend That Can Be Used in Education

There is a  trend in social media that is gaining ground. This trend lends itself to disseminating a ton of information in a short amount of time. (hence its popularity on social media platforms) The good news is that you can use this same idea in your education/homeschool with very little work because I am going to provide some templates for you that were provided to me through another company. There is no fear of copyright infringement as these were given away to anyone as a marketing device. So without further ado, here they are:

Graphic InfoChart (ok, some more ado)

I am, of course, referring to the graphic info-chart. These charts are popping up all over my Facebook feed and Pinterest searches. They are indeed a convenient way to convey a lot of information in one solid punch. Now, they might not be the best way to deliver facts and figures in all instances but they can be a lot of fun. Think about using them for an outline to a research paper or summation of a story. Who knows, you could probably come up with many different uses for them. If you’ve thought of any, leave a comment below!

What Are They?

Well, lucky for you, the files that I have to share with you are info-charts about making info-charts! But before we get there here are a few examples I have found.

the eleven doctors team up chart blog         090911-ogus-usoilimportswus

The first one is a guide to episodes when multiple instances of the doctors teamed up throughout the BBC Dr. Who series

The second is a more serious example of oil imports to the United States and compared to other countries. It has some stats thrown in on the lower right hand side and a line chart on the lower left. (this is for example purposes only. No political, ecological, geographical grandstanding is implied)

How Do You Make Them?

I think graphic info-charts have certain characteristics that set them apart from run-of-the-mill pie charts and bar graphs.

1. They give text in small bite sized amounts

2. The color scheme and font usages are very creative

3. They make use of icons

4. There are many types of info-charts

For example:


This charts uses a comparison mechanism by using the left and right side, in different colors (perhaps even in fonts), to compare different objects. This particular info-graphic is showing you how to put a comparison info-graphic together.

Use In Good Health

So use the info-graphic in your homeschool or education. On top of being creative, this could require the student to learn graphic arts and how to use an editing program which is a great skill builder for future jobs. The internet and info-graphics aren’t going away anytime soon, so if you get a job where you can make one for your company, kudos to you! I would love to see any info graphics at any time! Just comment and leave a link below.

Here are the files in Power Point form: Power Point Info-Graphic Files

If you have trouble with those files, here is a pdf on the Infographics.

Have a great remainder of your week! Please subscribe and you can follow at Facebook and Twitter (links at the top of the blog).

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