Secret Traveler Destination #2

For Your Eyes Only:

Dear Agent~

Hopefully you’ve had a few days rest because we are going to ask a lot from you. Your current car won’t cut it where we are sending you. Ditch it and get yourself an off-road vehicle or you can keep your car and take 37 most of the way to your destination. Either way, you are eventually going to go on rough roads.

Destination #2-1

You will be heading north initially but eventually make your way west to a famous peak.

Faw Away Shot of Location Destination #2-3 Destination #2-4

This particular peak is the only volcano to be created, erupt, and die in a small life span of a few generations of man. It grew over 1,000 in its first year. As the secret traveler, you need the name to continue to your destinations. A chopper will be available to pick you up once you’ve made it to the top. Just let us know in the comments below when you are ready.

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

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