Secret Traveler #2 Dosier and Travel Visa


We had to send your next destination  more encrypted than the last because we believe you are being followed. So please watch your back. You are about to leave a beautiful area and get on a cruise ship headed for Hawaii. There you will head one of two directions (E or W) to a port. When you get to the port, you can rent a car from here:

Rent a Car

(Subtle clues are my specialty)

There in the left part of the picture you can see a place to rent a car. After you do, you need to head inland and drive quite a ways (about 426km) and stay in the town located at these coordinates:

Destination Picture

Now, like I said, you are being at least watched closely. So the coordinates are a bit off. The number of letters of your previous country should help you with the coordinates. Decipher this but keep it to yourself. Leave this clue around and those following you will end up WAAAAAAY off.

Once you found your town, write it down in your journal and let us know you made it. Stay there for a few nights until you hear from us. Then we will give you your mission. Good luck agent.
Also, I don’t mean to be embarrassing but you’re holding your compass wrong.  Did you miss that day at secret agent school?




4 thoughts on “Secret Traveler #2 Dosier and Travel Visa

  1. Okay, boss; you lost me. Apparently my skills in spy school were lacking and the coordinates above have me befuddled. I think I might need to hang up my trench coat and find a new line of work. 🙂

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