Secret Traveler: Visa and Destination #1

Last week you earned your passport. You found out the location of your departure. The location of your departure is a capital of a certain state in the US. This capital will help you in getting your first visa to travel to another area of the world. If you haven’t earned your passport, please click here.

Now in order to solve the next puzzle, write out the name of the capital city of the state in which you are located. Got it? I will now give you your next key. To solve the puzzle, you will need to know the values of the letters of the name of the capital city. Here they are:

First Letter = 2

Third Letter = 28

5th Letter = 32

9th Letter = 38


Here is your Visa and Destination:

Visa #1 Secret Traveler

Visa #1 Secret Traveler

Leave a Comment below and let us know that you have arrived!


2 thoughts on “Secret Traveler: Visa and Destination #1

    • We hope you didn’t run into any restless didgeridoo playing natives or crocs (but I hear there is a fantastic hunter that has taken care of that pesky problem).

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