Secret Traveler: Earn Your Passport

Now to earn your passport…

 You are earning your passport for a world wide adventure. If you don’t know about it, check out our plans here.
This passport will contain your starting destination within the U.S.  This point of departure is important so write it down. It’s letters will be used to help break a code for your next visa so you can continue to travel the world. This is a 7 week trip. So enjoy!
Remember, write all of your destinations down. Then at the end you will submit the answers to be entered in a drawing. Here is your clue for your starting destination and passport:
 The capital of this answer will help you get your next Visa and out of the country.  Write down both the state and the capital.
This is all we know about this clue: E = 5 and O = 15
Good luck secret traveler!
Leave a  “Got it!”  on this post that you figured it out! Just don’t give the answer 🙂

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