At Least 3 Creative Ideas Fathers Might Like For Father’s Day

Since Father’s Day is around the corner (June 16th), I thought I would post some awesome things you could get your dad or husband to show how much you appreciate them. So let’s get to it:

Think Beyond the Tie

Automatic Tie RackIf you have to get him the obligatory tie gift (if he wears them), then I would go with an organizer rather than another tie. Items like this one can be found at Brookstone and other similar stores. They are supposed to fit on your current closet rod to allow for easy installation. It is motorized and holds up to 50 ties and 4 belts or something ridiculous like that.

Photo bookFor the Office

Go to Shutterfly or another similar company and make a family photo book he would enjoy. Or even better…get a digital frame with the same photos so that they transition one to the next on his desk.

The Ridiculous but Cool

You can’t of what to get him but you want to get something fun. Well, if your guy is into anything geeky, sci-fi, or tech related there are plenty of options. Here are a few on my list:

10th Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver:

This won’t open locked car doors, pickle jars, or defend against Daleks but it looks cool! It also functions like in the show with the light and sounds. It is also a pen with invisible ink and to read it, you just use the light from the sonic screwdriver.

Say Sorry with this Mini-van Sticker

If your husband/father had to cave in and buy a mini-van, make it cooler with this sticker. Let him feel like he is flying the Millennium Falcon along side the coolest space cowboy (well, arguably next to Malcom Reynolds) and the best dog a man could ask for (only respect meant Chewbacca). I am sorry but I don’t know where to get it other wise I would have it on standby for when I finally give in and we get the quintessential testosterone drainer.

Bacon…need I say more?

Every man can find some appreciation for bacon and creative bacon products are popping up all over the place. One of my favorites is dark chocolate covered bacon. You can get it at World Market but I would just make your own. Bake the bacon of course. The skillet just doesn’t do the wonderful strip of pig any justice.

There is also the company Bacon Salt.   It has quite a few surprising products including bacon flavored envelopes, bacon mayonnaise, bacon flavored popcorn and even lip balm. One thing I really want to try is bacon mints!

Indulge a New or Wavering Hobby

If dad has been kicking around the idea of starting a hobby or he has one (but is like me and is too cheap to invest) but it is just on and off. Indulge the hobby by getting something he needs to inspire him to continue.

Let him choose from Ukelele, Fishing, Car Audio, or even Quilting (ok, maybe not that last one….Orrrr the first). However, you can help him get into his hobby by choosing a Dummies book from

There isn’t a day that goes by that I wish I could refer to a Knitting Patterns for Dummies Knitting Patterns For DummiesMaybe someday….let’s move on shall we?

Maybe get him some lessons like woodworking (, car repair, gourmet cooking (local Williams Sonoma store).

The Ultimate Gift

In my book, there is nothing better than to be able to choose your own gift:

I don’t know many men that don’t love this store. It has a tech gadget for almost anything. Especially for grilling, fishing, sports, and mini-helicopter flying. If your man can’t find anything they like in this store, well, I would get him a man card instead and send me the brookstone card. (j/k) Some items in this store can be on the expensive side so a suggested minimum of $50 would probably let him choose from a lot of things. But seriously, if he finds nothing…I will take the card.

If brookstone is not his thing…then Amazon/Barnes & Noble should yield some kind of result.

So what are you doing for Father’s Day?

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