A Creative Brain Exercise I Discovered…

My mom has been recently diagnosed with dementia. We are still waiting for the results of a blood test to determine how far a long it is, so I don’t have much information yet. However, with the power of the internet, I was able to educate myself a bit on the subject and I ran across something that I found intriguing.

One of the tests given to determine brain function deterioration was a difficult math skill which I never tried to do. I also ran across research that brain atrophy (not using the brain) certainly isn’t linked to dementia but it definitely doesn’t help. So here is the math skill that I ran across:

Count down from 100 by seven. (So in other words, 100, 93, 86, 79, and so on). It’s not exactly hard but it certainly isn’t easy. I think I will dust off my old book of Daily Mensa problems   and actually do them this time to exercise my brain.

There are also exercises in creativity that I have been wanting to try but haven’t gotten around to it. One of my favorites is:

Study a subject completely unfamiliar to you for an hour straight, entirely focused and try to apply something from that subject to your daily routine/life.

Sounds interesting. I might consider a language or something mechanical (yeah…got a hole punch in my man card for that one…oh well)

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